Horace Helfin’s Horrifying Halloween

Posted in Fiction, J. Chapter Book, Juniors (8 – 12), Over 100 pgs - October 30, 2015
Horace Helfin’s Horrifying Halloween

Rated 4.2 ~ Juniors ( 8 – 12 )


Beware of false friends. Why would Horace Helfin’s blank fortune suddenly show this ominous message? It has been almost a year since Horace came and made Sally’s world bright. Her parents are back together, and her circle of friends are stronger than ever. They are eagerly planning this year’s Halloween dance. All is right in Somertown.

What Could Go Wrong?


The evil Goblin King is determined to rule the world in John Philip McCarthy’s second novel within his action-packed adventure series. Somertown has been tricked with treats, and it looks like a zombie apocalypse. No one is immune to the decadent allure of the Goblin King’s spell. He will make sure that nothing gets in his way; especially Horace, Sally, and their friends. Horace and his team must prepare for a showdown to save Somertown, but will they be able to defeat the darkness of the Goblin King or will they succumb to his demonic despair?

McCarthy’s compelling storytelling immediately draws you in. By blending his dramatic prose with Paulette Bensignor’s phenomenal illustrations, readers are transported directly to Somertown. Although there may be a significant amount of fighting within the story, McCarthy still is able to show that love conquers all. Parents and teachers can build discussion around the emotions readers may encounter (such as love, betrayal, and death) and how to handle them.
Happy Halloween!

Book 2 in the Horace Helfin Series

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