KART Reviewer Notes

Venture into the mind of a book reviewer. KART Reviewer Notes are an invaluable tool for both the new and seasoned publishing industry. Our notes give a constructive analysis of each of the 16 categories in our ratings scale and may provide insight into marketplace and target audience feedback. KART Reviewer Notes will explain:

– WHAT our analysts are thinking

– HOW & WHY they reached a rating for each category.


Who Orders KART Reviewer Notes?

Authors ~ who want to gain insight into how their book(s) may be perceived in the marketplace, by potential agents, publishers, and booksellers/retailers/libraries.

Literary Agents ~ who have more book submissions than staff and need a trustworthy cost-effective solution to handle the evaluation process.

Publishers ~ who want to evaluate a book’s potential mettle in the marketplace before its release date.


How To Order

Please visit  Juvenile or Young Teen Book Services.


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